Who is Simple Works Professional Organizing?

Simple Works Professional Organizing is an organizational consulting firm that implements solutions and processes for businesses and individuals, allowing them to become more productive and efficient.

We organize office spaces, kitchens, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, living & dining rooms - just about anything!

We also offer speaking presentations and workshops.

What We Do

We work with businesses and individuals who want to become more productive and efficient. We implement processes and organizing techniques into your life, business and home to help you achieve success. 

We do this through listening to your needs and accessing your situation through an initial consultation. Following our initial meeting, we develop and implement a plan to help you get and stay organized. 

We work with individuals, families, couples and businesses. We have worked with individuals with ADHD, busy professionals and entrepreneurs, stay at home parents and small business owners. 



What You Can Expect

A professional approach, based on years of experience, in solving your productivity and organizational challenges.

Confidentiality and compassion. We love what we do and understand the process can be about more than just de-cluttering and organizing.  It is your life, family, and career - and we get that.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Francesca offers herself up as a smooth and warm presence, a friend, and an adviser. Working with her allows me to slow down and be in the moment, providing me with self-knowledge and clarity. Her enthusiasm and ability to get to know me and my habits helped me to create a space I would have never imagined on my own. Working with Francesca is guaranteed to make every day more worthwhile. I wish she could visit every day! - L.M, a happy client

Simple Works' Francesca helped transform my cluttered bedroom into a lovely, comfortable, organized one.  I am grateful for her passion and integrity with her business. - R.L, long-time Ojai Resident

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We donate 1% of our proceeds to CommonWell. The organization focuses on the future - not the past - and on building and supporting the people and culture in the countries in which they work. CommonWell has worked in Afghanistan since 2003 and more recently began their important work in Rwanda.